For all billing and group participation status questions, please call Lisa and her team at 800-507-4335.

Business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

The Anesthesiologists of LIA are not employed directly by the institutions where we practice.  Therefore you may receive a separate bill for anesthesia services after your procedure.  We participate and are in-network with most major health insurance carriers in the area and it is our goal to reach 100% in-network participation.  Establishing fair in-network contracts and receiving agreed upon payments from health insurance carriers can be a lengthy and difficult process through which we continue actively to work.  We seek your understanding, cooperation and assistance to manage the requirements and actions of your insurance companies and our billing office is committed to assisting you wherever possible.  Our number one concern is providing excellent patient care and we strive everyday to clearly demonstrate the value of our services.